Objectives Of The Autonomus Regional Assembly


Enumeration (art.33)

1.   1) In each autonomous community or territory there shall exist an assembly, a governing Board, a President and provincial delegates.

2.   2) However, there may be more than one territorial organization in those Autonomous Communities that because of traditional circumstances were structured this way, or where  deemed appropriate by the Assembly of Presidents, for Territorial or Autonomous regions, because of geographical or corporate reasons.

For institutional relationships, when called for they must be able to appoint indistinctively from within the organizations one Territorial President to represent all registrars of the corresponding Autonomous Region.

Territorial or Autonomous Assemblies (art.34)

1.   1) The General Assembly, for the Territorial or Autonomous region will be formed by all Registrars serving the corresponding community.

2.   2) They will have the following responsibilities :

a)     The establishment and approval of accounts and budgets.

b)     The increase or decrease of the number of members of the Territorial or  Autonomous regional Governing Board, with the exception of members ex officials.

c)     The approval of the Internal Regulations for the different services of the Board of  the Territorial or Autonomous regional Assembly.

d)     The adaptation of agreements regarding votes of confidence or questions on management by the Territorial or Autonomous regional President.

e)     The establishment, modification or abolition of mandatory contribution from the Registrars for the various activities of the Autonomous region or Territorial Board as association dues.

f)      Take the necessary measures to facilitate access for all Registrars to the technology needed for the fulfillment of their duties.

g)     To carry out the ‘’action plan’’ during inspection according to guidelines set by the Assembly of Governing Registrars.

h)     All other issues that are relevant, that may be suggested by the Autonomous region or Territorial President.


3.   3) The Assembly of the Territorial or Autonomous region, will be summoned by the President when he thinks it appropriate, when requested by at least 20% of the members, upon request of the Board or at least once a year.

The summons to a meeting must be done in writing expressing the agenda and with a minimum of seven days notice.

4.   4) The Board for each Assembly, of the Territorial or Autonomous regions, will be formed by each respective Territorial Board of directors, the secretary will be the acting secretary of the Territorial Board and furthermore the Territorial or Autonomous regional President will be acting President.

5) The General Assembly of the Territorial or Autonomous regions, will be validly constituted to meet on first call, when half plus one of its members are present. On second call one third of the members would be the minimum. Between the first and second call there will be a one hour interval. Agreements will be made by simple majority of those assisting, except in the cases a), c) and e) of paragraph 2 in this article, which require a three-fifths vote of total attendees along with the number of votes for or against per proposal. Copies of the minuteswill be sent to all Registrars.

6) The Territorial or Autonomous regional President  may summon an Assembly at any given time in order to inform on issues of interest to the Community or Territory, and must do so in any case to inform on issued discussed in the Assemblies for Territorial or Autonomous regional Presidents.


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The Governing Board of The Autonomous Region


1) Each Territorial or Autonomous regional Board will be chaired by the corresponding President and will be formed by Provincial Delegates, the Director of the office of the Center for Registry Studies and the Director of the Office of Administration and payment as Ex Officio members. Those that were appointed to posts created under the provisions of b) paragraph 2 of the previous article will also be members of the Governing Board.

2.   2) The Territorial or Autonomous Regional Boards will be responsible for the following:

a)   Ensure professional ethics, dignity and proper function of the respective Registries so that they may process and resolve cases of disciplinary matters that are of its competence.

b)   Management of concerns for the Registrars on specific areas of their territories.

c)    The management and implementation of the participation in the forms for general or territorial associations.

d)   Summon, when necessary, the respective territorial Assembly.

e)   Inform the public on matters related to the different Registries.

f)    Address the different complaints and demands on proceedings of the Territorial Registrars.

g)    To inform on the location and condition of the Registries of the respective territories: Proposing, if needed, the adaptation of necessary measures.

h)    Resolve disputes on professional matters that are voluntarily submitted by the Registrars.

i)      Approve agreements that may be used as basics for regulation for the payment of taxes, established by the competent Administration.

j)      Propose to the General Assembly, of the territorial or autonomous region , the approval of all matters that are of its competence.

k)     Carry out all obligations delegated by the Assembly of Presidence of the Territorial or Autonomous region, and the Governing Board of the Association.

3) Regional Boards will meet as and when decided by its President and necessarily, when needed to rule on matters within its competence according to the proceeding paragraph. The meeting will be convened by the President and decisions will be made with the concern of the majority and the acting secretary will be the most recent member of the Board. In case of a tie, the vote of the President will be definitive


Territorial or Autonomous regional Presidence (ART.36)

Each of the Presidents, in addition to the responsibilities underlined in the General Statutes, must bear the corporate representation of the Registrars working in the respective territory and the  implementation of agreements made by the General Assembly, of the territorial or autonomous region, as well as those made by the Governing Board.


Provincial Delegates

In each province the registrars will elect a delegate who must exort the responsibilities assigned to him/her by the professional association referred to in these General Statutes and when called for, those conferred by the Tax Administration. When this professional turn out is not possible for not holding a liquidation office in mortgage district, one may be appointed by the President of the Territorial or Autonomous region, when necessary, a Provincial Delegate of the Liquidation office may perform the duties assigned by the professional association and conferred by the Tax Administration.


Motions for censure (Art. 38)

The President for the territorial or autonomous region, may be removed from office by the Territorial Assembly and, by agreement of the absolute majority of its members. The Provincial Delegates may be removed by agreement of the absolute majority of the Registrars of the region having previously summed a meeting and included it in the agenda.


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Organization Chart

President of the Autonomous Region


D. José Luis Jiménez-Herrera Burgaleta

Palma de Mallorca nº 10


Provincial Delegate


Dª. Carmen Sáenz de Santamaría García-Avello






Dª. Silvia Núñez Sánchez

Palma de Mallorca nº 4





Department of the Center of Registration Users


D. Javier Misas Tomás

Ibiza 1






Luisa Ribera Miró


Territorial Delegate for Computer Services

D. Ignacio Ruiz de Zuazu Pachón


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Objectives Of The Autonomus Regional Assembly

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