It is our pleasure to welcome you to the web page of the Registries of the Balearic Islands.

All institutions have an obligation to work to achieve the purpose for which it was created and to use the most suitable means to reach their potential users. If it does not achieve this purpose its existence is meaningless, and if it does not reach its potential users it is sure to fail. With the presentation of this web page we would like to bring the Registries to the people to make our services available electronically. At the same time this will establish a means by which to explain all of our services.

If we conduct a survey on what people know about the role of the Registrar I have a feeling that most people would not be able to explain our role and the importance we have to the economic development of our country. This is, in spite of the fact that there has been a considerable increase in the use of our services, for example: when we buy a house. Ask for a mortgage. To know the rules and regulations of our neighboring community. Information on the solvency of a certain commercial entity. At the Registry office you will obtain information that, whilst it is not validated by the court, is presumed to be the truth and therefore does not need further proving.

 We hope that with the contents of this website we will be responding to the demands of the new era and it will serve to accomplish our duty to be open to the community. We what all the uses to know that at the registry of the Balearics we will be tireless in our efforts to reach those ends.

If we trust the information given to us to be true, then we make a purchase and register at the Land Registry along with fulfilling all other legal requirements, nobody would be able to deprive us of our asset even if the person who sold it to us did not have the authority to do so. This and more is what the Registry may offer.

The Registrars of this community appreciate your visit to this website.


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